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Why Create a Career Brand/Identity?

Hi-  I have decided to write about one of my earlier blogs of the 10 Keys to Becoming a Career Conqueror .  I believe the information shared will add tremendous value to those individuals who are considering a career transition, those looking for a job or seeking out clients/customers of their own.  So in this series you can go back and read my first blog about visions and setting goals.

So, here we are.  That will make this #3 in our series of the 10 Keys to Becoming a Career Conqueror! After you have determined your goals that are aligned with the current vision for your life, the next step is to create your identity or Career Brand.  Your brand often is described as your unique promise of value.  Why is branding important to your job search?  Branding will make you more attractive to employers.  Your professional brand is what they will remember about you.  This puts you more in control.  You will portray yourself as “one-of-a-kind” which will make you stand out amongst the other candidates, thus creating desire to hire you.  In addition to what the interviewer or hiring manager thinks of you, your level of confidence will increase naturally as you know who you are, what you want and what you have to offer!  Once again, adding positiveness to your interview.

In creating your Brand/Identity, there are three A’s.

  1. Authentic Image:  This is the “genuine you”.  Ho do you see yourself and how do others see you?
  2. Advantages: What are the benefits and value employers or customers will receive from working with you?  In other words- your ROI (Return on Investment)!
  3. Awareness:  This final “A” refers to communicating your brand in a manner that makes people attentive of and drawn to and engaged with you!

How do you communicate your career brand? Create a 30 second sound bite.  Take your key strengths identified in your brand, then enhance them with a hook or benefit.  You have 30 seconds to make that first impression so let it shine!  This 30 second sound bite is your “verbal business card”.  Next you want to develop a 1-2 minute mini bio to convey your verbal business card.

These foundational steps of your brand form a springboard for discussions around branding.  The process is simple of creating your brand/identity, it will just take some time.  Forbes has a great article to read; the-first-step-to-building-your-personal-brand.

There are also numerous books like Career-Distinction-Stand-Building-Brand that an be found on Amazon.

“One of the most important results you can bring into the world is the YOU you really want to be.”  Robert Fritz

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