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Tips To Help You Get Job Offers

Congratulations on getting interviews!  You know how difficult of a process that is and EXHAUSTING. WHEW! The goal of every interview is to GET THE JOB OFFER!

Here are a few Career Coaching tips to help you get job offers:

Before you submit your resume online or via mail:

1.      Know What You Want Before You Begin a Job Search. Knowing what you want is the very foundation in the job search process. The key is to take a complete inventory of YOU. And make certain that as you make this career transition you are seeking a position in an organization that is a great fit for you and your career.

 2.      Building Your Brand for Your Job Search.  How can a career brand help?  Branding puts you in control of what the interviewers remember most about you.  Branding differentiates you from your competition.  It also helps build confidence because you know who you are, what job you are looking for, and are fluent in informing the interviewer of the value you can add to their organization.

The Job Interview:

You have submitted your resume.  You have conquered the telephone screening interview; you have fully researched the organization, the people, the mission and community. Now here you are, face to face.  Now what? Interviewing for a job is all about helping the employer become successful while moving your career forward.

  1. CONNECT by remembering, “It is all about them, not me.”
  2. LISTEN, be curious, ask questions; hold judgment and opinions; pause to formulate your responses; note all nonverbal – yours and the interviewers.
  3. RESPOND well.  Engage the interviewer, share the benefit of you
  4. MANNERS.  Remember, everyone you meet is part of the decision making team.
  5. CLARIFY the employer’s top two or three “deliverables”.  Use your “SMART” stories to confirm your competencies and communicate your value.
  6. ASK QUESTIONS.  The interview is a two way street.  Be prepared with questions that you cannot find on their website that relay the message that you are interested in a new position that you can have for the long hall in an organization where there is room for growth.  So ask the interviewer about THEIR plans for expansion etc.
  7. COLLABORATE.  Once you are clear of the job description, responsibilities and their “motivation to buy”, communicate hoe you have handled situations like that at a previous job and are confident you can do the same for them.
  8. TAKE ACTION. Whatever you will be doing on the job, shoe the employer how you can do it.
  9. GAIN AGREEMENT.  As the interview comes to a close, ask the interviewer if he/she is satisfied that you meet the needs of the position?  If no- ask- what is your concern about making me a job offer?
  10. ASK FOR THE JOB OFFER.  This is one of the biggest mistakes people make.  They do not express their desire to have an offer.  Employers want to hire people that have the skills, talents, experiences, drive, and personality that are the right fit for the job.  They also want to hire people who want to work for them.  Tell them you would like to receive a job offer.



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