Career Conversions. Life Changing Career Choices

Job Search to Job Found

I created a very successful Explore, Hunt, and Conquer Your Career one on one coaching program for individuals who wanted to be very intentional about their goals – and their results – for their job search. I am now offering the same program as a tele-group coaching...
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How To Find A Really Great Job Fit

Are you engaged in or contemplating a career change? Maybe you are thinking about a new job, a promotion, or a whole new career? If you are, I encourage you to explore who YOU are first.  Have you ever heard of “Career Reconnaissance”? The word “reconnaissance” comes...
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Tips To Help You Get Job Offers

Congratulations on getting interviews!  You know how difficult of a process that is and EXHAUSTING. WHEW! The goal of every interview is to GET THE JOB OFFER! Here are a few Career Coaching tips to help you get job offers: Before you submit your resume online or via mail: 1.     ...
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Networking- Making Connections to secure a job!

Go ahead!  Say it out loud – “I don’t want to network.  I do not like meeting all of these people I really have nothing in common with and talk about myself.  More that that, it is a total waste of time.  I do not meet the right people to help me out.” ...
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Brand Yourself; Create Personal Brand Identity

As we continue on in our series of the 10 Keys TO Becoming a Career Conqueror, I want to take a break and elaborate about creating your personal brand identity for your job search.  Here we will create a USP; Universal Selling Proposition.  The USP can be used as you pursue a new...
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