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My younger daughter, Nora, graduated from high school this past May 23rd!  It has been an amazing summer for her so far. She has been extremely busy juggling her job, volunteer work at one of the local hospitals, a college class and all of the homework that goes along with that, orientation, getting ready for college, working out, oh and her social life.  There are graduation parties every weekend, sometimes two in one weekend.  Whew! 

Nora planned her summer long before she graduated.  She was very diligent in contacting people she needed to contact to get answers to questions she had.  As she gathered the information she began to make a plan to see how it would all lay out prior to making commitments.  You might ask “Why is she doing all of this”?  Nora learned that in order to get in the school of nursing she had to be better than the average student.  When she was told what the requirements were to get into the program, she followed up with, “yes, thank you, but how many students applied last year, how many of them got it and what were the qualifications of the students that were admitted last year?”  That is when she went to work on her summer schedule.

When I was in college, a bachelor’s degree was acceptable.  These days- the kids need to have Masters Degrees, community service, extra-curricular activities belong to this club or that club and – by the way – still maintain a 3.5 or better grade point average.  Nora went from being a young woman “Without a Compass to being On-Course”.  With her goals set and her plan in place she went from being fearful to full of courage.  Nora is a Conqueror! 

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I work with executives and other mid-career professionals explore new career paths or hunt down a new opportunity in their current industry. I help them stand tall above their competition. The time to plan for that next job, promotion or career is before you find yourself out of a job.  There are 10 steps to finding those ideal opportunities that will fulfill each individual’s personal and professional goal.  Now, Nora is 18 years old.  Those of you who have teenagers, especially those who are sooooo ready to go off to college, understand she does not want any help from “mom”.   I love helping people achieving their goals.  It is really difficult for me to sit back and watch, but oh- how proud are my husband and I?  Yes- that is right.  Extremely.  So, in a few short weeks, our youngest child, Nora will be off to college and I will have more of me to dedicate to career transition coaching.  At least some of you do want the help of a professional.

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