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3 Tips To Make Networking Work FOR You!

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How many of you know full well that how  successful you are in your business or your career has a lot to do with who you know, the connections you’ve made and the relationships you’ve established over the years?

And how many of you really enjoy networking

And how many of you, cringe, at the very sound of the word, NETWORKING?  Networking makes you uncomfortable and networking feels like WORK!

That is what makes it hard to build those key relationships. You know you need to make connections, but you don’t like the process. 

Well, maybe what’s wrong is how we approach the process. The thing that makes most people cringe at the thought of networking is the perceived artificiality of it.  They see it as two people, at a group event, engaging in conversation, each trying to figure out how the other can benefit them, all the while they are looking around the room to see if they can spot someone better to talk to.

Ugh!  No wonder people shy away from it!  But that’s not what true networking’s about.

True networking is about the depth of the RELATIONSHIP and AUTHENTICITY!

Here are the tips:

1. Deepen existing relationships and make meaningful new ones by taking time to get to know people you are meeting with before you actually meet with them.  Learn what they do and what they love to do.  You can use LinkedIn to find what associations they belong to or charities they hold dear.  Google to find articles about them or news about their industries.  This information provides you with power and shows people you are networking with that you care about them and the relationship.

2. Be the authentic you! Think about it– When you’re in a relationship, you’re in that relationship because you trust that person. You probably share the same fundamental values, and more often than not, you know one another authentically.  You’re able to work together, help one another.  You enjoy the connection and YOU HAVE FUN!!

3. Follow up.  After a meeting, send a thank you note via snail mail.  Connect with people on social media.  Share other connections with will serve them.  Remember- Givers Gain!



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