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“Courage is not about being fearless- it is about owning your fear and using it to move you forward, to give you strength.”  Michael Port  

It takes courage to make a change, especially a change from a career that you have worked so hard to build only to find out it is not truly fulfilling anymore.  Once you start thinking about it, often times the thoughts can roll into a virus that effects almost everything you do and before you know it you are in a place where it almost seems unbearable.

There are so many benefits of working with a career coach but before you begin you have to find the right one for you.  Career Conversions has a very personalized approach to ensuring that there is complete synergy between the coach and you.

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  1. Schedule your complimentary 45-minute career coaching session:
    Are you curious how you can benefit from a career coach? Successful professionals commit to career coaching for many different reasons. You may a budding entrepreneur looking for guidance as you launch your new business. Or perhaps you are an established professional looking to break out of the routine. Take the first step toward creating a change. Book your complimentary 45-minute coaching session with Trish Dervin today.
  2. Prepare for change:
    Now that you have booked your complimentary career coaching session at Career Conversions, you have taken the first step toward conquering the career of your dreams. In order to maximize your time with Trish Dervin and ensure you get the most out of your career coach experience, you will receive an information packet that details how to prepare for your complimentary career coaching session. The information packet includes a brief form for you to fill out that is designed to help you narrow your focus on the topics most important to you in your career change. Now you are ready to enjoy your career coaching session with Trish Dervin.
  3. Declare your commitment to create your future:
    After your complimentary career coaching session, you will have gained perspective of your future vision and how Career Conversions can help you achieve your goals. Declare your commitment to creating the change you wish to see in your life. Trish Dervin will work with you one-on-one to create a support package that will help you create the work life that you love.

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