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St. Louis based BJC HealthCare announced plans to lay off 160 employees at its hospitals.  It was announced in the Sunday June 16th edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  Layoffs similar to this one are not only happening in St. Louis, but in other healthcare organizations across the country due to lower revenue streams.  As a result medical providers are becoming overworked, resulting in less time they are able to spend outside of work, stress and total discontent.           

I am coaching a medical provider who has not been laid off but is overworked, stressed and has little time for her family.  The bottom line she is unhappy with the organization she is working for and feels the way she is expected to practice medicine, is not why she went to medical school!  That breaks my heart.  All of those years of education, training and the subsequent years of working and she felt like that when we first began our medical career coaching work together.  This amazing family medicine provider is living proof that there are options.  Working through the process of getting back to her core values of the things that really matter to her she is feeling very optimistic and is beginning her job search full of confidence.  Hooray!

I wonder, what percentage of those 160 healthcare physicians and staff members this came as a surprise to.  How many of them really know which direction to go in or have a solid network of colleagues from which to draw on now, in the time of need.

There is a book I would like to share with anyone who is in that job search mode.  It is 2 Hour Job Search by Steve Dalton.  He has created an amazing system to networking. 

If I can help- you know where to find me.  Enjoy!

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