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Job interviewYes it is true. When I decided to walk further down my own career path and took a right hand turn off of the road of physician recruiting onto the road of career coaching, I decided to hire a coach of my own. At the same time I joined an elite group of career professionals in a rigorous, hands-on curriculum that spanned 15 weeks. Susan Britton Whitcomb, nationally known leader in the careers industry, and the President of Career Coach Academy, developed the program. A comprehensive, 400-page binder with practical coaching assignments rounded out the program that was capped by several hours of written and oral exams. I passed the tests to earn the Certified Career Management Coach credential!

To help people win and succeed in fully satisfying careers, I now have even more powerful tools, including a variety of:

Career assessments

Master F.I.T.™ to identify passions/priorities/purpose

Career exploration and decision-making strategies

Career branding

Professional networking

Job search strategies

Career advancement strategies

Life/Work balance

I can offer so much more than the sum of what I learned. And, I now have an expanded circle of colleagues who share my dedication to partnering with people who want to manage meaningful careers and move forward faster.

I’m excited about expanding service for everyone—from people just entering the work force, to those people who want a better job, a promotion, a new career or to start their own businesses all the way to very senior managers determined to make a greater contribution.

So why did I hire a career coach of my own if I already knew what road I was taking? I wanted a mentor. Like any athletic coach or personal trainer he offered tools and resources, knowledge and expertise as well as motivation and accountability to stay on the right road of transitioning into my career transition coaching practice. I definitely got to where I am faster than if I would have traveled that road alone. We had a great deal of role playing so when it was time for my oral evaluation, I was fully confident I would do very well. Much like the way I prepare the medical and business professionals before they go on a job interview. Plus it was fun. Like having a partner.

If you have any questions or would like more information I would be happy to talk with you and we could set up a complimentary coaching session.



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