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Do What You Love Words Saying - Fulfilling Career EnjoymentStudies show that more than 80% of the baby boomers are going to continue to work until the age of 70. Therefore there has been an upward trend for changing careers midlife within the last 10 years. I believe this is what is making more and more professionals ask the question, “What am I going to do the rest of my life?” “What’s next?” People feel stuck in their current positions, burnt out, unfulfilled. While there are academics and career coaches or counselors that conclude that people do not change because there is a fear of change, a lack of readiness, unwillingness to make sacrifices, or people do not believe in themselves, many professionals have made changes in their careers only to find themselves in the same position as they were before. The problem is they stay stuck in the wrong career.

In a Harvard Business review article, Herminia Ibarra writes, “People most often fail because they go about it all wrong. Indeed, the conventional wisdom on how to change careers is in fact a prescription for how to stay put. The problem lies in our methods, not our motives.” The article went on to talk about taking a different approach; one that Ibarra calls the practice of “working identity”. “It is, first, our sense of self in our professional roles, what we convey about ourselves to others and, ultimately, how we live our working lives.”

I was so thrilled when I read this article. I could not have expressed this theory any better. Throughout my entire career I have lived this “working identity” which in my practice I call Career Brand Identity. I work with mid-career professionals who are not happy with the work they do, or the organizations they work for and they aren’t exactly sure why. Sure- they have a hunch, but as a result of working through an in-depth self-discovery, co-active coaching process they realize that what is truly lacking is authenticity! The “sense of self” and how others perceive them. They are not able to be their authentic selves at work, which trickles over into their personal lives. It is amazing how much CONFIDENCE is gained by going through the process of building that “career brand identity” or as Ibarra states it “working identity”. That confidence is gained, I believe, because through the discovery process, one gets really clear on who he/she is, what passions and values are significant not only in the work he/she does, but in the lives they live.

That is why I do what I do. I get to get up every day and love the work I do. I get to work with professionals who are established in their careers, but feel stuck, unfulfilled, or fear losing their jobs. Whether they are pursuing a promotion, a new job, or a whole new career, I am privileged to empower them to take control of their careers so they live richer, fuller, more satisfying lives doing work THEY love!

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