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Career Advice – How To Stay Marketable

concept. business plan and businesswomanA new client asked me how she could keep herself marketable both within the organization she has works for and externally.  You see, she has 19 years in with this company, one of the best I might add, and she is wondering how to manage her career rather than have her career manage her.  Very proactive!  I commend her for being so future focused. She still loves her role in management and the organization, but you just never know when the knock on the door is the one that tells you it is time to go, or maybe, that you have someone new at the helm and the entire culture of the organization is about to change.  Yikes!  Then what?

People seek career advice around this question from me often, but I will tell you, not often enough.  To stay marketable in your career is not only wise, IT IS NECESSARY!  Why?

  1. Your employer and potential future employers are always focused on “What’s in it for them.”  So guess what? You have to be concerned about what you can do for them as well.
  2. The “How to stay marketable” not only strengthens you as the professional you are, but it can be motivating, engaging, and FUN!

So, here is some career advice on how to stay marketable whether you are happily employed, engaged in a job search, or seeking to make a whole new career change.

  1. Present yourself as a “company man”.  Show up each and every day as the professional woman or man who believes in the mission and vision of the company.  Especially if you are pursuing a management opportunity or moving into an executive position.  You want your career brand to be one of honesty, integrity, that you care about what your company does, and you will do what it takes to succeed.
  2. Be a lifelong learner.  Continue to sharpen your skills so they are in line with what your company needs.  Also, take advanced courses or additional training, for instance in leadership, team development, or networking that will benefit the organization.
  3. Explore new opportunities, ask for additional projects, or take up a new hobby.  Again, this will show that you are someone who is continuing to grow and learn. Be flexible.
  4. Network by deepen existing relationships with contacts you already have and add new ones.  The more people you have great connections with, the more valuable you are to the company and it keeps you in the eyes of potential future employers or people who know them.  LinkedIn is a fantastic tool but exercise strategic in person networking as well.
  5. Update your resume.  Going through the process can be a real ego booster because in order to prepare an amazing resume that gets results, you want to have key accomplishments that you have achieved on the resume.  My clients often tell me that they forgot about this or that as we work through exercises in preparing resumes.

The bottom line: Stay marketable and manage your career: Presentation, Lifelong Learner, Explore New Opportunities, Network, and Resume.


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