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Building Relationships with Networking

the word social network concept isolated on a white backgroundNetworking is a process. Networking is most effective if you network on a regular basis and not just when you are seeking a new job or need referrals for clients. When networking, whether you are using social media or face-to-face, it is about relationships. Focus on building relationships with like-minded individuals based on common interests and trust. The whole idea of professional networking is bringing together people to explore, create and act upon business opportunities. There is a wealth of knowledge, experience and new ideas that is gathered together in a networking group.

Key points to help you out:

• Be selective – find the few groups that would be mutually beneficial and build on those relationships.

• Be disciplined and build networking, social media and face-to-face meetings into your marketing plan placing time limitations on it.

• Remember, that it is by giving that you receive. Giving a referral or idea to someone else will naturally entire them to want to help you out in return.

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