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What are the Benefits of a Career Coach?

Countless times, I have heard people complain that things have changed after investing years in their professions–their family dynamics shifted, the economy isn’t the same, or their chosen field is not as high in demand as it once was. More and more people are taking serious steps to make positive changes in their personal and professional lives. Gone are the days where you stay at the same job with the same company that you started your career. Changes in technology have drastically altered the methods of searching for a job, and many mid-career professionals are left behind wondering where to begin. But you don’t have to go at it alone.

A career coach offers tools, resources, skills, knowledge, motivation and accountability that will help you re-create your career path and help to make the transition to a new career something you can be excited about. You will reach your goals faster than if you were to do it on your own. There is no magic formula because each individual is unique.

If you are like so many others out there that are looking for more financial freedom, a better lifestyle balance between work and family or life in general, working with a career coach may be the answer for you. Although the paradigm of coaching is new to many people, it has been used for years in the corporate world. In addition, every professional athlete has a coach to help them achieve maximum level. That is exactly what a career coach does: help take people to the next level – financially, relationally, personally and professionally.

A common mistake people make is doing nothing, staying stuck because they do not know where to start to make a change. So go ahead and admit you are not happy with what you are doing anymore. It takes courage to admit that. Recognizing this is the first step in moving forward to finding out where your values lie, what is truly important to you and what is the vision you have for your future. The next step is to actually do something about it. Coaching can help. As I always say, “If it is meant to be, it is up to me!”

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