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Are Job Boards F.Y. I. Only?

Have you been responding to job board postings and submitting your resume with no results?   A recent CareerXroads survey shows that only 15 percent of positions were filled through job boards. Most jobs are found through connections that people have inside the company they are targeting or through their networking efforts.

Let me share with you a true success story that came about as a result of creativity and a connection.

 Sam worked for Company A for over 20 years until the division he worked for was sold to Company B. He worked for them for over 4 years until the company started offering employee buyouts. Sam is 54 years old and needs to work a few more years before he can retire. His position with Company B was that of a software development project manager and he was the contact for the clients that Company B was developing software for. He decided to take a chance and took the buyout. He was certain that with his skills and experience he would find another position since software development project managers are in high demand in almost every industry. Vector_0908

With the buyout money, he had some time to job hunt.

Sam responded to dozens of job board postings by submitting his resume and a tailored cover letter.  He never received a response from any of the companies he applied to. After weeks of searching with no success, Sam did what few do. He had met the vice president of Company C, one of Company B’s customers and one he had done some work for. Sam designed a position doing for Company C what he did for them when he was with Company B. Instead of paying Company B for project manager services, they could have him do it. He requested a meeting with the VP and presented his proposal with all the advantages and savings associated with his idea.  Sam illustrated his ROI to the VP. As a result, he was hired.

Sometimes you have to see a need/problem in the company you have targeted then create the job that solves that problem. Use LinkedIn or your contacts to find the decision makers in the company you’ve targeted and go for it!


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