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10 Keys to Becoming a Career Conqueror

If you were to learn tomorrow that your job was eliminated or you were past up for that promotion that you worked so hard to get, how confident are you that within 30-60 or 90 days, you would have a job you love, feel fulfilled with  AND meet your financial goals?


In my last blog I shared with you my excitement about earning my Certified Career Management Coach’s credential. In order to pass the oral and written exams I had to prove that I as a Career Coach put the International Coach Federation’s core competencies into action throughout the coaching session with each client.  It is sort of like being Board Certified as a Physician or having the CPA of an Accounting professional.  Coaches have strict guidelines they have to follow.  Utilizing those guidelines coaching of my mid-career healthcare and business professionals flows through the exploration phase where they become fully aware of what they want their promotion, or new job or whole new career to look like.  Then together, we take the steps necessary to get those ideal opportunities.


Here are the 10 Keys to Becoming a Career Conqueror or, How to Recession-Proof and Control Your Career established by Susan Britton Whitcomb of the Academies.

Principle #1: Be Future Focused

1. Vision & Goals

2. Identity & Brand

3. Connect/Network

Principle #2: Be Employer Focused

4. ROI Proposition

5. Lifelong Learning/Skill Development/Projects

6. Emotional Intelligence/Interpersonal Relations

Principle #3: Be Personally Proactive

7. Self-Accountable Inspiration & Attitude

8. Self-Initiated Training

9. Time and Self-Management

10: Support


It is an eye opening experience as people uncover obstacles that are holding them back or that they really can have that “dream job”.  Throughout the process I see huge increases in levels of self-confidence, less stress, encouragement and most of all success.  

Have you experienced any or all of the steps to  a successful job search listed above?  I invite you to comment below.

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