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Everyday can feel like Friday when you are passionate about your career! Are you ready for a life changing career choice? Career Conversions can help you discover, create, and execute a plan to find that absolute fit that you are passionate about and can't wait to jump out of bed in the morning to get to!
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Meet Trish Dervin

Looking for that inspiration to create a fulfilling and rewarding career or to peak performance to increase profits? Meet St. Louis Career Management and Executive Leadership & Development Coach Trish Dervin, the founder of Career Conversions. Set Goals. Eliminate Fear. Gain Confidence. Take Action. Realize record results. Be Happy!
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Why Would I Hire A Coach?

Everyone is unique. As is each person's situation. Career Conversions understands that. Trish begins with assessing where you are in your career. Through a co-active comprehensive approach we dive deeper than you could imagine and craft a vision for what you want to see for your self or your organization. Maybe you already know what you want and just need tools and the confidence to make it happen.
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Embrace Accountability
Realize Record Results
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Contact Nationwide and St. Louis Career Transition Coach, Trish Dervin for professional career management coaching regarding career exploration, job search and interview preparation, and salary negotiation strategies.